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Aux sources du temps présent

Directed by Prof. Claude Hauser and Dr. Stéphanie Roulin, the series is published by the Department of Contemporary History of the University of Fribourg.

Founded in 1996 by prof. Francis Python and Claude Hauser, the series Aux Sources du Temps » Présent (ASTP) aims to publish excellent dissertations in contemporary history. The series is non-profit and promotes academic work while serving as an editorial platform for young historians.


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Études d'éthique chrétienne, Nouvelle série

This interdisciplinary series of monographs and collective works is edited by the Chair of Fundamental Moral Theology and Ethics (Prof. Luc-Thomas Somme OP) and the Chair of Special Moral Theology and Christian Social Ethics (Prof. Thierry Collaud) of the University of Fribourg (Faculty of Theology). The original collection of Études d'éthique chrétienne/Studien zur theologischen Ethik was founded in 1977 in a bilingual form by Dietmar Mieth (responsible for the German-language titles) and Carlos Josafat Pinto de Oliveira (responsible for the French-language titles). Adrian Holderegger took over this task from Dietmar Mieth in 1981. In 2001 it was split into two series, one in German (Studien zur theologischen Ethik, co-published by Echter and Schwabe and edited by Prof. Daniel Bogner), and Études d'éthique chrétienne, Nouvelle série in French published by Academic Press Fribourg.


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Études sur Tibhirine / Tibhirine studies

In conjunction with the "Association for the Protection of the Writings of the Atlas Seven", the Institut Saint Thomas d'Aquin pour la théologie et la culture (ISTAC) wishes to continue this research effort and to allocate the necessary resources to it by offering a quality research framework and by supporting the search for useful funds. ISTAC intends to promote the study of these writings both among young researchers and the general public. Through its expertise in theological research, and through the means it is acquiring, ISTAC hopes to contribute to the enhancement of this spiritual heritage and to make it better known. Finally, it seeks to cooperate with other theological institutions and research centres in order to share views and coordinate efforts at the international level. This collection, intended for both collective works and single-author monographs, is directed by the scientific committee "Les écrits de Tibhirine": Dom Thomas Georgeon, Marie-Dominique Minassian and Jean Jacques Pérennès, o.p.


Culture et écologie / Kultur und Ökologie / Culture and Ecology

This multilingual collection of monographs and collective works, directed by PD Dr Corinne Fournier Kiss, a comparative scholar specialising in Romance and Slavonic literature (Institute of French Language and Literature, University of Berne) and Prof. Dr Patrick Suter (Institute of French Language and Literature, University of Berne), offers an interdisciplinary approach to the issue of the environmental crisis, with a focus on literature and the arts.


Perspectives pastorales

Dirigée par le Prof. Abbé François-Xavier Amherdt (Prof. ordinaire à la Chaire francophone de Théologie pastorale) à l'Université de Fribourg.

Présentation pour le tout-public et les agents pastoraux de francophonie de quelques champs actuels de renouvellement de l’agir ecclésial en pastorale, catéchèse et homilétique. Certains ouvrages sont le fruit de la réélaboration de travaux à la Faculté, à l’IFM.

Destinée à toute personne engagée en Eglise, cette collection rassemble des études, à une ou deux voix, sur les principaux défis auxquels l’annonce de l’Evangile et la vie de l’glise dans le monde de ce temps sont confrontés.


Psychologie de la spiritualité et de la religion

Edited by Prof. Pierre-Yves Brandt, Dr. Zhargalma Dandarova Robert and Dr. Grégory Dessart, this new book series of the Institute of Social Sciences of Religions at the University of Lausanne publishes monographs and collective works within the research topics of the Institute in the psychology of spirituality and religion. This series will also work in partnership with the Swiss Association for the Psychology of Religion (AsPsyRel).

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Swiss Association for the Psychology of Religion (AsPsyRel)


Religion-Politik-Gesellschaft in der Schweiz / Religion-Politique-Société en Suisse

Series founded in 1987 by Prof. Urs Altermatt.